About us

The Toronto Chinese Business Association (TCBA), a non-profit and the first Chinese business association, was established in 1972 in Greater Toronto.  It looks after the economic well-being of Chinese businesses and acts as representative in liaison with all levels of Government.  It is a major force in promoting and assisting corporations to make inroad into the Chinese markets and helping Chinese Canadian businesses to reach out to the mainstream.  It has been building bridges of understanding between all multicultural communities for the past four decades.  Its mission strives to advance the economic well-being and commercial interests of Chinese Canadian businesses and to foster the network between Chinese business community, the mainstream and other ethnic business communities. 

Its objectives is to provide fellowship and harmony among members engaged in trade and commerce and to advance the commercial and economic interests of Chinese Canadian businesses in Toronto;  to take an active interest and participate in social welfare of the Chinese Canadian community.

TCBA has contributed tremendously to the improvement of the quality of life in Chinatown.  It has been proactively responsive to the concerns raised by the Chinese community.  Over the years, TCBA has been dedicated to create a healthy and sustainable environment for Chinese Businesses in Toronto.